Sunday, January 27, 2013






Phillip said...

Very cool, Rich. Thanks a lot. Apparently Jones fainted as he was singing the last note of 'Thunderball' in the original recording session and only 'came to' when it was all over.

Rich said...

Wow really!? That's some real cool trivia. Did he have any kind of a lung or heart condition? My wife thought that, I never heard anything.

Phillip said...

I think it was the length and pitch of the note in question!

Melachrino said...

"It's Not Unusual" to find cool records at The Hut!


Kneigh said...

Many thanx for this Living Brass, Rich!! A real fun listen!!

Anonymous said...

oh so sad. just megaupload. gone out of business. anyway - is there a slight chance to see a re-upload on a different, more vivid hoster? thanks a thousend times for reading and maybe replying,
greetings from Austria and thanks for all your efforts and the great music!

Anonymous said...

Is posible chance to see a re-upload.
Many thanx

Gil said...

re-upload plase!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one.

Anonymous said...


I have some requests:
Martin Denny "Romantica"
Mitchell Ayres "Hollywood Palace"
Henry Jerome "Velvet Voices"
Enoch Light "Big Bold & Brassy"
Irving Joseph
"Cole Porter In Percussion"
Dick Schory "Dick Schory On Tour"
Dick Schory "The Happy Hits"


Rich said...

I have Romantica ready to go. I may have to re-rip Hollywood Palace,Bold and Brassy and Cole Porter. the others I'll have to look into well. Check back for Romantica sometime tonight 2-2-13 around 9-10pm EST.

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