Saturday, February 9, 2008

At Last! I'm Back!

Hello, It's good to be back after a long break. Hope everyone's holidays were great. Anyway, Here is Xavier Cugat in Continental Hits. This is another great album, but what else would one expect from the great one himself ?

02 APACHE ( Listen to entire track on BOX! )
06 SUCU SUCU ( Listen to entire track on BOX! )

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Anonymous said...

Great album -downloading right now-
Thanks a lot!
(and welcome back hehehe)

Rich said...

Thanks Doc and welcome to the Hut!

THXjay said...

Welcome back Rich,

great share, thanks.

Are you doing anything on the site for the 50 & 60 anniversary this year of stereo and the LP record?

I've put up a small pathetic attempt at a tribute :)

doug said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm a big Cougat fan. Bassooner.

Rich said...

I didn't even know about the anniversary until I visited The Crime Lounge. I'm not sure on what I can put out there, but I'll see if there's anything I can do to contribute.

Rich said...

Hey there Bassooner!
Glad to hear from you. Enjoy!

Maxi said...

Your restoration are very good, thanks a lot
I restored some of your covers and I Think you like it

Rich said...

Hey Maximino,
That's certainly an outstanding job on the covers! What software do you use? That would be great if I can get my covers to look like that, especially the back covers where you have just black on white.

Rich said...


I was just on a site that illustrated how to restore albums covers, and from what I can see, if I was to attempt such a feat, I would never get any records posted. I'll leave this up to the experts such as yourself :)
Well done!

Lemoncat,, said...

excellent share i just love cugat and this is a smasher :) love it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rich,

Ditto everyone who says welcome back. You have been missed, although after I read the tutorial that another share site posted a while back about getting albums from the vinyl to an internet posting, I'm still amazed at someone taking the time and trouble to post their albums, just out of the generosity of sharing. But I'm sure glad you do. And admit it, it's nice to be missed, isn't it? I always know that your posts are going to be of the highest quality.

Thanks, as always, and regards, as always.

Rich said...

Thanks Lemoncat. It's always a pleasure!

Yes it is nice to missed :)
Also it's nice to be back in the vinyl loop. Thanks for stopping by the Hut! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back!
You can't do much wrong, with a Cugat post. Maybe you also have "Here's Cugat"? Looking for that for a long time now. In particiular for the song "Jungle Flute".
However, great you're back! :)

Rich said...

Herr Vorragend
Sorry I don't have Here's Cugat but I'll keep a look out for it.

THXjay said...

Did someone turn out the light? :)

Rich said...

Hey Jason!

Thought I'd try out a new look. Also I'm toying with the idea of visiting the Blue Hipster and see if he has any ideas about making The Hut a little more loungier :)

Anonymous said...


First time listener but not last time! This comment is more for the general overall content. I have thoroughly enjoyed the numerous downloads ( actually I'm having a hard time getting past "Living Strings- 3 o'clock in the morning"). I have longed to hear this type of music and mistakenly thought this music was forever buried in poeple's attics.

Not only is the content great but the sound quality is excellent. For years I wondered why my father ( I'm 50 ) stopped listening to this sort of music. Now I know why; they stopped making it!

Thank you for your efforts. Here's a salute to the obsolete but not forgotten: romance, sentimentality, hi-fi, hardwood stereo cabinets, dust covered vacuum tubes, woofers,tweeters, wow and flutter, etc.

I can hear my father now saying, "Handle it by the edges!"

Bob Pinto

Rich said...

Bob Pinto
It's really good to hear from someone who shares the same enthusiasm as I do when it comes to lush strings such as the Living Strings. If you haven't already, check out the Melachrino Strings; More Music For Relaxation. You'll this album in one of my older posts. Enjoy!

THXjay said...

Well, as you know from my place, you can't beat a bit of black :)

I'm sure the BlueHipster will come up with the goods, he always does.

He's becoming THE blog banner master.

Speak to you soon.

LoungeTracks said...

Ooooh, basic black, nice choice and it matches our dinner jackets!

Rich, I've linked to you and will leave it up to you if you want to link back. I'm posting at a new spot, Zip Your Rip because of records like these that deserve to be heard again. Take a peek and bring the olives, I'll chill the vodka & gin.

Anonymous said...

3 things!

1. Welcome back! About time
2. Nice change! Looks great
3. Bert Rocks! Don't wait.


Rich said...

Hey Jason,
I've have all the faith in the world that the Hipster will come through.

Just got back from Zip Your Rip and I love it! Also,you are LINKED!

Thanks,it's good to be back,also great new look!

Rich said...

Traitor Vic,
Got your e-mail address so I removed you post.

Rich said...

Got your e-mail address and I'll be in contact soon. Thanks!

rich sims said...

Thanks for Gugie. Do you have 'Gugie a-Go-Go'? I've heard this one is really good. Thanks!

doug said...

Has anyone heard of a record called, I believe, The Burbank Symphony. It is not a classical record, and it has a Civil war type photo on the cover. It has a lot of Contrabass sax work on it. Do you know if it is posed anywhere?

Rich said...

Hey Rich,
Sorry I don't Cugie A-Go-Go but I'm always looking for anything Cugat!

No I haven't. I've done a couple searches with no luck. Good luck in your quest!


GOOD blog. I've put a link on my web. I'd apreciate so much if you do the same with my blog.

Rich said...

Just got back from your blog. I just downloaded Jungle Jazz, great album and great blog! Also you are now linked to the Hut!

Zer0_II said...

I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange. Check out my music blogroll/directory @ and if you're interested leave me a comment. Thanks for all the great tunes and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Rich! Wanted to chime in with kudos for your site and to exert yet more peer pressure on you to keep it going! Thanks for keeping the faith, and thanks for the great DLs.

Rich said...

Thanks Kittenhead, I'm trying to get my next album out. It's been ripped, all I have to do now is break the wave file into its' individual tracks.